In order to keep giving our customers (and yours) the best service possible, Campaignconnex constantly review new ways of ensuring that all campaigns sent through our software are of the highest quality possible. A new way we’ve found to do this has been through a change to our process of on-boarding new clients, and working with our existing ones.

Now when a new client joins us, before their first email campaign can be fully executed it will run through a quick approval process to make sure everything has gone smoothly for them. This will flag up issues with email design that may have been overlooked, including making sure all links put into the email go to the right places, and reviewing email subscription lists to ensure they have been formatted correctly. This will give our support team a chance to educate clients on better ways of using the tools we offer, but also highlight those trying to use our system for nefarious means.

This approval process will be quick, don’t worry! It will take up to a maximum of 90 minutes, though most will be complete within 30 and then sending will resume as long as there are no issues identified. We’re not doing this to penalise anyone, but to give ALL of clients reassurance that we’ll do what we can to stop spammers using our system, and to reassure new clients that a second pair of eyes will review their email campaign the first time they use our system.

So if you’re new to our system then do look out for this new approval process, and ensure you allow additional time into your scheduling for your first campaign. Those of you already using the system need not worry because we won’t be expecting you to go through this process again, though we will do the occasional spot checks if we notice high levels of unsubscribe activity from your emails. In these cases we will notify you in advance to explain what is happening and why, so you can adapt your next campaign’s delivery schedule as needed.

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